Have Fun and Make Friends on your Luxury Pickleball Vacation

Given its massive rise in popularity, it should be no surprise that many hotels and resorts are quickly installing pickleball courts to entice travelers to their facilities. If they already have tennis courts, you'll probably find a tennis court or two has already been converted to a Pickleball court. One tennis court can allow four people to play tennis, whereas a converted tennis to pickleball court can accommodate 16 pickleballers. (That's what we pickleball enthusiasts like to call ourselves). This makes excellent business sense because pickleball has grown by 40% over the last two years, higher than any other sport over the same period. You can accommodate four times as many players for the same amount of real estate. It's a win for everyone.

When my wife and I travel, it has become a requirement that the five-star resorts we like to stay at have at least one pickleball court. This is not as strange as it sounds when you consider people have been booking golf vacations since the game was invented. Now it's pickleball's turn.

When you enjoy your luxurious vacation, you have probably already decided to indulge in good food, drink, and entertainment. That's what vacationing is all about, right?! However, when you add playing pickleball to your vacation itinerary, you get some unexpected benefits

You are going to make some new friends. The welcoming thing about pickleball is you can show up to the courts, and someone playing will call you into action. Pickleballers love to play with new people to amp up their game and make friends. On our last trip to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, we made six new friends on the court, and they even invited us back to stay with them the next time we visited. I can't think of any other sport we could have played where we would have made such a solid connection with perfect strangers.

You will burn some serious calories and have a blast doing it. Of course, how many calories depends on many factors, but one hour of play should net you anywhere from 500 to 700 calories burned. If you are like me, you might play a lot longer. After all, you forget you are exercising because you are having so much fun. Now when you sit down for that fancy steak dinner with garlic mashed potatoes smothered in gravy, you know you are replacing the calories you burned that day. How awesome is that?

When choosing a resort, you can supplement a luxurious spa, fine dining, accessible golf with a scenic space providing multiple pickleball courts. The staff will be able to provide access to the courts, private or group lessons and any equipment you may need. 

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So what are you waiting for? Book your luxury pickleball vacation today and be prepared to have the time of your life. Not only will you get to play this exciting sport in some of the most beautiful locations in the country, but you’ll also have a chance to meet new friends who share your love of pickleball. An elevated lifestyle in gorgeous year round weather, playing on unforgettable Pickleball courts awaits.