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Luxury Pickleball

Luxury Pickleball Paddle - LUX CAS 16

Luxury Pickleball Paddle - LUX CAS 16

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Paddle Ratings & Specs
Avg. Weight:
7.9 oz
Paddle Length:
Paddle Width:
Grip Length*:
Grip Circumference*:
Swing Weight
7.3 oz

The aerodynamic edge guard slices through the air with less drag to optimize power. The edge guard also makes the paddle stronger and more stable for better control.

The paddle surface is created using a sand-blasting abrasion process to create a surface roughness that is designed to maximize spin.

The honeycomb polymer core allows you to hit the ball and minimize the vibration you feel in your hand. It also provides a better feel so you can get better control of all your shots. The longer paddle face also provides a larger sweet spot,

The longer handle is great for players who like to use two hands or for those players that want to add more power to their shots.

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